Palms Wellness Center (An Emotional Trauma Center) Mission Statement :

Palms Wellness Center (PWC) is a place which people come to heal from various forms of Emotional (often combined with physical) trauma’s. As an Emotional Trauma Center PWC has been serving Eastern and Coastal NC for nearly a decade, providing traditional methodologies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in conjunction with Medication management when needed. Serving primarily stigmatized populations, such as Opioid Dependent/Addicted persons, LGBTI population, Combat Vets,  and others, we provide both direct clinical care and educational programs through public speaking, seminars, and workshops. 

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We are a licensed professional team that remains dedicated to treating some of the most underserved, and stigmatized populations of individuals through out the United States. Helping people heal from various forms of Trauma we have three main goals to achieve our vision.  Our primary goal is to provide ethical, compassionate and high quality clinical care to those who have gone well under served (if served at all).

Our secondary  goal focuses on educating others (professional providers, community leaders, families, and friends, and individual laymen). Through the use of various platforms we provide educational services both regionally and  internationally.  We believe through educating and sharing with other professionals, family members, and communities at large; we can also erase barriers, diminish stigma’s and increase healing of both the mind and spirit, for individuals, families, to entire communities across the nation and ultimately the wold.

Our third and equally important goal, is to continue to build relationships bridging together healthcare programs and access, creating and sharing educational platforms, to tare down the divides, destroy the false stigma's causing oppression and bring forth healing and equality, truly for "all". 



  • Substance Abuse, Mental Health Assessments & Diagnosis
  • Opioid Dependency or Addiction (Suboxone Treatment Program)
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Grief and Loss
  • Victims of Domestic Violence 
  • Adult  ADHD
  • HIV/AID support Therapy
  • Aged out Foster Kids (life skills etc)
  • PTSD (Multiple and Isolated Trauma)
  • Mental Health Medication Management Care
  • Transsexual/Transitional Care Treatment (Therapy)  
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

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