Palms Wellness Center (An Emotional Trauma Center) Mission Statement :

Palms Wellness Center (PWC) is a place which people come to heal from various forms of Emotional (often combined with physical) trauma’s. As an Emotional Trauma Center PWC has been serving Eastern and Coastal NC for nearly a decade, providing traditional methodologies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in conjunction with our holistic approaches that have a long proven track record. The combination of this multi system has proven to work with the greatest benefits for those in need regarding healing and growth of the spirit, mind and body.

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We are a professional team that remains dedicated to treating individuals and educating communities throughout the USA.; as well as other professional providers, that work directly or indirectly with the populations of persons we serve. Through educating and sharing with others we can erase barriers, diminish stigma’s and increase healing of both minds and spirits for individuals, families, to entire communities.

What We Treat:

  • Substance Abuse, Mental Health Assessments & Diagnosis
  • Opioid Dependency
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Grief and Loss
  • Rape Counseling
  • Domestic Violence
  • Adult and Children ADHD
  • Aged out Foster Kids (life skills etc)
  • PTSD (Multiple and Isolated Trauma)
  • Mental Health Medication Management Care
  • Sex Variance (identity issues) for individuals and family members
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Teen and Adult Autism Spectrum Disorders (for high functioning)
  • Attachment Disorders

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